Parker McCollum Torches Memories of Lost Love in ‘Hell of a Year’ Video

 KELLY BRICKEY • NOVEMBER 29, 2017 - 10:14 AM

Light a match and burn away the problems of the past, or so that’s what Parker McCollum did to erase any memory of a former relationship in his new video for “Hell of a Year,” exclusively premiering on Sounds Like Nashville.

While reminiscing all the happy times playfully teasing each other around the kitchen or acting out silly games in bed together, McCollum pours gasoline all over the house to turn the moments into ashes. He may not be regretful about the relationship as a whole, but the singer realizes it’s the only way he can move on completely from what he once loved.

McCollum watches the house go up in flames the minute he drops the lighter, looking numb over the decision to leave it all behind and walk away to a hopeful future.

“[Hell of a Year] is the hardest song I ever had to write, and I wanted the video to do it justice. I think we reached our goal there,” McCollum says of the clip.

“Hell of a Year” marks McCollum’s second single off of his independently-released album, Probably Wrong, which was released in mid-November. With 10 tracks completing the record, McCollum put his personal touch on almost every song with his writing contributions to the project.

The Texas-based singer picked up quite the following throughout the year, amassing 1.3 million views on YouTube and tens of thousands of Spotify monthly listeners. He even used his Garth Brooks and John Mayer influence to win over the hearts of many new fans when they picked up a copy of his latest release.

Be sure to check out McCollum’s video for “Hell of a Year” and keep up with the country singer throughout his social media channels for information about tours and new releases on the horizon.