Parker McCollum Does it Right with “Probably Wrong: Session One”

Parker McCollum has made quite a name for himself since the release of his debut full length album “The Limestone Kid” in 2015. He’s played at almost every notable venue in Texas and has made just about every Texas festival bill (or is slated to by the end of this year). He’s got a fellowship of 60K monthly listeners on Spotify and his breakout single “Meet You in the Middle” has been streamed well over a million times!  Needless to say, there’s a lot of anticipation built up for his next project.  Tomorrow (July 7th) fans will finally be able to get their hands (and ears) on the first round of the “Probably Wrong” sessions.  McCollum plans on releasing the project in three pieces. Session One (4 Tracks) will be released tomorrow, Session Two (4 Tracks) will be released later this summer, and Session Three (the previous 8 tracks plus a few more) will be released in the fall. 

The unconventional release method, may seem like a gamble to some, but with the way listeners’ (especially younger listeners) consumption habits are changing, we think it’s good way to get the most bang out of your buck and extend the life-cycle of the project. 

With the first session consisting of just four tracks, it’s sure to leave you hungry for more!  The EP kicks off with “Memphis Rain”; a toe-tapping tune about change and the pursuit of one’s dream.  The colorful songwriting and rich story-telling picks up right where it left off in “The Limestone Kid” but the lyrics seem a little more perceptive and the delivery a little more seasoned.  The maturation McCollum has experienced over the last two years due to his fast-paced crash-course into the music industry is immediately evident and let’s the listener know that they’re in for exactly what they were hoping it would be! 

The next song “Lonesome Ten Miles” is another up-tempo track and covers the paradoxically relationship we have with our hometown and the people in it– “I never stay too far, I never go too close” – Boasting the best music and the most creative production, the tune has a carefree and nostalgic feel, giving the lyrics a tongue-and-cheek kind of vibe.  It’s fun, yet definitely has some truth and real, complex emotions behind it. 

The 3rd track, “South of the City Lights” is our *PICK* of the record.  The extra twangy strings and earthy delivery give it a distinctive sound and help paint an intricate picture of the lessons in life and love often learned in small-towns.  The composed sound has a super-cool vibe that radiates an easy-going theme to a complicated and uncertain situation; which seems to fit with exactly the type of person McCollum is.  It’s really hard to pin-point specifically what makes this track stand out so much, which makes it all the more special.

The EP concludes with current single “I Can’t Breathe”, which is at #100 this week on the Texas Regional Radio Report.  The emotional, musically driven track is the most powerful of the project’s first series and when it releases tomorrow we predict it will quickly become the most streamed of the batch! The fact that the Single Spotlight we ran a few weeks ago on the song is up to 20k hits, I think tells you all you need to know about how big off a song this likely going to be for Conroe, Texas native!